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The Best Toy Shields for Kids - Your kids deserve to play with the best, right? Well, when it comes to toy shields, MIGHTY FUN! has the absolute best you'll find. We've moved beyond cheap foam and breakable plastic to develop sturdy wooden shields that can stand up to your kid's most active pretend play! These shields are designed to inspire the imagination, your kids will love choosing their favorite cool and colorful design, then jumping into a world of open-ended pretend play where every idea becomes an adventure! Making A Classic Toy Better by Design - MIGHTY FUN! wooden shields are made from two layers of maple plywood sandwiched together with soft eva foam in the middle and a sturdy nylon strap. These shields are made to last, something your kids might not think about, but you'll feel good knowing you won't have to hear their cries and complaints after playing with a cheap foam or plastic alternative that breaks! Our shields are also sized perfectly for younger kids so they can easily be handled and taken along on for maximum play on every adventure! Each shield features a vibrant design from our award-winning artist, the rich colors, look amazing over the natural wood tones. Our shields look so good you won't mind having them around the house...or even hanging on a wall!

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