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An understanding of narrative elements needs to start at an early age. By helping young children tell stories, we begin to set the foundation for deeper understanding in reading and writing. The Emergent Story Card is a tool that prekindergarten and kindergarten teachers can use to help their students understand how stories work, especially when writing a story of their own. In prekindergarten teachers can use the emergent story card to help elicit a more complete oral story from the children so they can draw a more detailed picture. Whether prekindergarten teachers are modeling writing in front of their students or meeting with them in small groups, the Emergent Story card acts as a reminder as to the kind of questions both teachers and students need to be asking themselves as they tell and draw their stories.The kindergarten teacher can use the Emergent Story Card in the same way as the pre-kindergarten teacher, but at this level students need to use their detailed Comprehension Instruction picture to produce writing below the picture that has details and voice.30 cards per pack.Special Value Pricing- Buy 3 packs of cards, get a 4th free. Discount automatically taken in cart when 4 packs are added.

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