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Insect Lore's bug viewing case is the perfect toy for your curious little scientist or explorer. The Creature Peeper provides 3x magnification of your bug and a periscope-style view to easily see the bug from below and above. It's great for viewing ladybugs, crickets, worms, grasshoppers or even pebbles. The easy to use and sturdy magnifier is safe for your kids and the bugs. Creature Peeper is the winner of Scientific-American Explorations Magazine's "15 Great Science Gifts Under $15" and the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award. Bug viewer comes with a replica beetle in case your little scientist isn't ready for real bugs just yet. Makes for the perfect edition to any science kit. Give your child a safe, fun and easy way to observe the wonders and beauty of nature with the Creature Peeper bug magnifier.

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