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Your child will love the bright colors used in the enVisionMATH materials, and you'll enjoy how comprehensive and supportive the system is. In fact, enVisionMATH: Grade 1 comes with a workbook that includes engaging math activities, a CD that provides game-style math quizzes and a CD designed to help you, the teacher. With all these great materials, you're sure to help your child achieve a strong math foundation by the completion of the 12-week series. When your child finishes enVisionMATH: Grade 1, he or she should be able to: Count to 100 using intervals of one, five and 10. Break up numbers using intervals (i.e., 15 is equal to 10 plus 5). Add and subtract using numbers one through 20. Use objects and drawings to express math concepts, such as addition and subtraction. Recognize patterns and shapes. Draw 2-D shapes. Measure objects using units of measurement. enVisionMATH: Grade 1 is structured intelligently so your child feels like he or she is working on math and subject goals rather than tackling random questions. Between the interactive problems, the dynamic lessons you design using enVisionMATH and the colorful image guides, your child is sure to develop a strong foundation in math.

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