List of products by supplier Pressman Toy Corporation

4 in a Row

The head−to−head game where players try to be the first to get four of their color disks in a row. A great strategy game for any age! Grades 1+


Comes with spinner card, 14 bingo cards, tally card, 100 plastic markers and rules. 2−6 players.


Includes folding chess board, plastic Staunton chess figures with 21⁄2” King and rules. 2 players. Grades 3+


The goal of each player is to collect the glass beads in his or her mancala (the big cups at each end of the game board). Collect the most beads in...

Pop N Hop

Pop the dice and race around the game board as you try to be the first player to get your 4 movers home. 2−4 players.


The classic triangular domino game! Score points by matching numbers on the three−sided playing pieces. 2−6 players.