Special Needs

Floor Surfer®

A roller board for play and therapy! Developed in partnership with children′s physiotherapists to ensure safe use by any child irrespective of...

Tactile Discs, Set of 5

An inviting tactile material that challenges children′s sense of touch and develops the ability to describe sense impressions verbally. The discs,...

Senseez Pillow Hoodie

Cuddle up on the couch with our classic fleece vibrating pillow. With pockets to play with and a matching hood for those who favor their hoodie!...

Senseez Pillow Flannel

Wrap your arms around our softest flannel retro shirt. By the fireplace, watching a movie, or relaxing with friends, this flannel will calm your...


Fine Motor Fun is a large resource written for early childhood professionals and teachers as well as occupational therapists.