Life Science

Life Story of a Frog

This book tells the life story of a frog, using simple, concise text and stunning photographs. Read it to discover the unique

Worm−Vue Wonders®

Perform experiments to demonstrate how worms live and work underground. Kit includes double−sided viewing unit with shield and tray (keeps light...

Root−Vue Farm®

Plant the seeds and follow the roots as they grow down. Have a root race and watch the carrots, radishes and onions take form before your eyes! Kit...

Hit the Habitat Trail!™

Learn about animals and their environments as you follow the stone trail through the world‘s habitats. Draw a “Wisdom & Consequence” card to...

Jumbo Insects

Includes fly, ant, bee, ladybug, grasshopper, butterfly and dragonfly in realistic detail for imaginative play. Provides a great way to explore...

Classroom Owl Pellet Kit

Features Food Web poster, Vole Skeleton poster, and Bone Sorting Chart poster showing bones of rodents, shrews, moles, and birds. Includes 15...

Field Biology Kit

Includes 2 owl pellets, an illustrated twelve page study guide for individualized study, plastic forceps, one magnifying lens with holder, all...