Mini Maracas

Shaped like traditional gourd maracas but much smaller and more durable. Pair. Ages 2 and up.

Three Bell Jingle

This one−piece plastic loop securely holds 3 stainless steel bells and makes it easy for young players to hold on to. Ages 3 and up.


This pair of red sticks has one long, rigid stick and one short, smooth one for all sorts of rhythmic music−making. Ages 3 and up.


Each egg shaker fits easily into all hands−large or small. They can make a multitude of sounds, depending on how hard they′re shaken. Pair. Ages 3...

Teaching Music to Children

A Curriculum Guide for Teachers Without Music TrainingThis valuable resource follows a well−sequenced curriculum based on the National Standards...

The Hokey Pokey CD

This is the twentieth anniversary remake of our very first release in 1972! Two versions of The Hokey Pokey: Big Band & Rock. Also included are...

Giddy Up & Learn CD

Yeehaw! It‘s time for a learnin‘ round−up. This Stephen Fite CD offers songs with a country flair along with the usual up−beat rock and pop he is...

Dr. Jean and Friends, CD

Join Dr. Jean and Mother Goony Bird, Dr. Knicker Bocker, Tarzan and the Monkeys And The Alligator on this fun−filled CD. You‘ll also enjoy: Tooty...


Pure of tone, this 4” triangle has a non−detachable loop handle allowing easy playing and producing a clear ring. Ages 3 and up.

Greg & Steve Big Fun CD

Songs include: Big Fun, Silly Willies, In My Backyard, The Mack Chicken Dance, The Magic of a Smile, The Movement Medley, New Zoo Review, Party...